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We’re not just a provider of award winning containers, fittings, and tamper evident products, we’re your trusted business partner, consultant, and advisor.

Taylor-Cain Corporation was established in 1992 with the specific mission of designing and producing cost effective check valves and vents for the agricultural chemical industry. Innovation was key in the US and Canadian Agricultural Chemical Markets where new environmental regulations were demanding tamper evident extraction systems for reusable chemical containers.

President and founder, Stephen Cain, draws on over 25 years of national and international experience in the chemical industry. Previously he was a Marketing Executive with Monsanto and Sandoz, including General Manager of Sandoz Agro Canada Inc.

Mr. Cain has served as a member of Midwest Agricultural Chemical Association and a member of the MACA Container Management Task Force. He is a former member of the Crop Protection Institute of Canada’s Board of Directors and Container Management Committee. He has worked closely with the EPA to develop manageable guidelines for the 2011 EPA 40 CFR container regulations.

Taylor-Cain Corporation has developed many new innovations to meet specific customer needs such as the Bayer KeyLock® system for Roundup® herbicide and the TCC Micro Valve for seed treatment products.

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