TC-30-13 (Check Valve & Vent)


30-Gallon, UN certified, Check Valve with raised tab and manual vent.

For orders of more than 260 containers, please contact for tiered pricing quotes.

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The Taylor-Cain Corporation TC-30-13 is a 30 gallon UN certified drum. With a deep, well-defined sump there is more complete extraction of product at the initial vacuum break and does not require additional wait time and re-pump to realize maximum extraction. The innovative blow-mold design is economical and reduces plastic footprint. A high reinforced top chime provides additional clearance to accommodate a wide array of fitting options, facilitate stacking, and increase drop protection performance.

The TC-30-13 configuration is comprised of the Taylor-Cain Corp pump Check Valve with raised tabs (CHBD-1ER) and the Taylor-Cain Corp manual vent (Vent-B1).

A complete, premium solution for any of your liquid handling needs.