Sustainability Initiatives & Environmental Stewardship

As a producer of plastic fittings and containers, Taylor-Cain Corporation is committed to sustainability and reducing environmental impacts throughout the life of our products. Our commitment to product stewardship is echoed in our manufacturing process, designs, recycling initiatives, and commitments to safety.

  Less Plastic, Longer Lifecycle

Taylor-Cain Corporation containers are reusable and returnable reducing the need for single use plastic. Additionally, our blow molded designs require significantly less plastic to manufacture than traditional manufacturing processes. When the containers reach the end of their lifecycle, we encourage, fund, and participate in recycling initiatives such as the Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC).

  Superior Design, Reduced Chemical Waste

Our unique container design reduces chemical waste and realizes more product for end users because of our industry-leading extraction capabilities. Taylor-Cain containers extract between 28 – 40 oz more product than those of leading competitors. For returnable fleets, that means greatly reducing chemical rinsate, often by thousands of gallons.

  Empowering Recycling Efforts

The Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC) is a not-for-profit trade association of companies that produce, formulate, package, and distribute crop protection and other agrochemical products. A network of ACRC contractors collects and recycles empty, triple rinsed, HDPE agricultural chemical containers at no cost to consumers. Farmers and commercial applicators nationwide participate in this free ACRC recycling program with more than 200 million pounds of plastic having been recycled since 1992. The ACRC researches and approves specific end uses for the recycled HDPE. Many of these end uses, like agricultural drain tile, provide ongoing benefits to the agricultural industry. Taylor-Cain Corporation is one of 51 member companies that has helped fund and grow this program for its customers. To learn more about the ACRC, visit


Our containers are rigorously tested by third-party labs to fully UN-certify our containers and fittings as a fully bundled solution for our customers. Our packages are UN-certified to Packing Group Two and align with Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency requirements to provide world-class packaging for hazardous material. We manage all certifications internally to ensure we are current on all design qualifications and periodic retests of our many UN-certified packages.

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