Taylor-Cain Corporation offers UN certified 15, 30, and 35 gallon containers which are pre-bundled with multiple fitting combinations for ease of ordering.

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Why a Taylor-Cain

More Options

With three different sizes, a variety of fitting combinations, optional permeation barrier control, and custom colored chimes, Taylor-Cain Corporation offers more for your chemical handling needs.

Three convenient sizes

Dozens of extraction fittings

Permeation barrier control

Custom colored chimes

More Benefits

Deep, well – defined sump

  • More complete and efficient extraction of product
  • See extraction study below

Blow molded design

  • Economical and less plastic footprint

Higher reinforced top chime

  • Better stacking/drop protection performance
  • Higher clearance for more fitting options

UN Certified with Taylor-Cain Fittings

  • Multiple configurations

Inter-stackable with other container brands

  • Eliminates need for fleet separation

Sustainable Construction

  • A deep commitment to environmental stewardship throughout the lifecycle of our containers. Learn more »

More Complete Extraction

This extraction study compares the Taylor-Cain 15 with a competitor’s 15-gallon container. With our deep sump and MicroValve design, the Taylor-Cain container and fitting combination leaves significantly less product behind at the initial vacuum break and does not require additional wait time and re-pump to realize maximum extraction.

More Innovative

Always innovating, Taylor-Cain Corporation is proud to offer a market-leading permeation barrier alternative. Our new ProTec-Tainer™ is a non-toxic alternative to fluorination, offering superior protection with an infinite shelf life, in a more cost-effective package. Did we mention it is fully recyclable? Contact us for more details on the Taylor-Cain ProTec-Tainer™

Looking for custom options?

Build your own custom Taylor-Cain Container